The End opinion

The Blug has drawn its last breath. Dead. Dead. Dead. Fin. The End.

Fun was had, blood was spilled, hallucinogens were consumed, and the bad guy turned out to be the protagonist’s father. But the most dreaded evil of all took the web site’s life: Time. Damn you, Time.

Being a film journosuperhero was never the intention of this author. The Blug was born out of love. And a sordid drunken back-alley fumble with perishing out-of-date e-prophylactics.

The kid grey up. He was special, in an unusual way. And he somehow maintained a large 1980s hairdo for much of his life. And what potential he had! So much potential!

Then the strings kicked in. And we all knew what was going to happen.

Rosebud, etc.

21st Mar 2014