12 of 2012: Part 2 opinion

Following Part 1, as second parts tend to, another lovely bunch of 2012 coconuts:


One of the most disturbing films you’re ever likely to see, Michael tells the story of a paedophile who keeps a boy locked in his cellar. You won’t leave with a smile on your face but cinema isn’t all about merriment. What it does do is evoke strong emotions that few films manage to do. Quite an admirable trait and a reminder of how powerful a medium cinema can be. Reviewed 5th March.

Moonrise Kingdom

The unique Wes Anderson struck gold with Moonrise Kingdom, in my humble opinion his best film to date. It is unmistakably Anderson but it still manages to be fresh and funny and wonderfully (here’s that word again…) quirky. Reviewed 30th May.

Seven Psychopaths

A good director but a special, exciting writer first and foremost, Martin McDonagh’s darkly funny scripts place him amongst the gods, like some kind of spawn of Woody Allen and Quentin Tarantino. Seven Psychopaths continues the quality we all hoped would follow In Bruges and although it gets a little caught up in its own cleverness, making it less successful than its (also better-looking) predecessor, McDonagh hasn’t let himself down by any means.

Young Adult

Young Adult is one of the most overlooked films of 2012. Reuniting the writer-director team behind Juno, its quality shouldn’t have come as a surprise although its darker tone possibly did. Jason Reitman (director) and Diablo Cody (writer) once more come up with the goods and Charlize Theron puts in one of the performances of the year. Reviewed 9th February.

And some others…

Another three that don’t quite make the final list are the big bag of fun The Muppets, micro-epic romantic drama with impressive chemistry between the leads Like Crazy, and one of the biggest surprises of the year (because haven’t we had enough of cop dramas and faux “real filmed footage”?), the gripping End of Watch.

30th Dec 2012