Killing Them Softly review

Beardy Brad goes about popping the clogs of some cheeky chappies trying to take advantage of The Mob.

Thankfully, in the week that saw the release of one of the worst films-with-good-credentials of the year, it also saw the release of one of the best.

While Brad Pitt, who has long been underappreciated, critically speaking (that is, he’s not just good, he’s really good), has been getting a lot of attention for his portrayal of a calculated mob assassin, Andrew Dominik’s direction is what takes Killing Them Softly to a level few films achieve. The interesting, original script (which is adapted by Dominik) is extremely intelligently handled, especially considering the weight of dialogue, atmosphere is tangible, action is compelling and considerable humour is rarely far away (cinema has never witnessed a funnier car explosion scene, for example).

Everyone, from policemen to politicians to plebs will appreciate the film but aspiring directors especially need to watch it. Hell, experienced directors need to watch it. Oliver.

4 out of 5

24th Sep 2012 | Official site | On IMDb