The Dark Knight Rises review

A grumpy hermit in a daft Halloween costume tries to stop a big bad bald burly bloke with an industrial inhaler from blowing up a city.

A supremely well-written story, unsurprisingly complete with a hefty helping of spectacle, relates considerably to the origin story of Batman Begins and ties up the trilogy nicely. There isn’t, however, one single mention of the Joker, which is peculiar, and I’m not entirely sure how this is a “mark of respect to Heath Ledger”.

The cinematography, design, score… every technical aspect is first class and director Christopher Nolan brings the best out of his actors - every single one of them is impressive. Cat Woman’s a little bit silly but that’s not Anne Hathaway’s fault.

It’s not quite on the level of Batman Begins (for its originality) or The Dark Knight (for Heath Ledger), it’s far too long and the middle drags but the conclusion, although predictable (note to self: you will enjoy films more if you don’t try to work out the ending at every step from the opening scene onwards), is smart and satisfying, both in terms of the film and of the trilogy. As if we didn’t know it before, this cements Christopher Nolan’s reputation as the safest bet in Hollywood. He has never made a bad film.

4 out of 5

23rd Jul 2012 | Official site | On IMDb