Silent House review

A spooked scaredy girl gets trapped in an old spooky house and is terrorised by a mysterious spooky stranger.

There’s one good reason to go out and see Silent House: Elizabeth Olsen. Her turn in 2012 highlight Martha Marcy May Marlene was as impressive as it was surprising and she is without doubt an exciting prospect for the future - “one to watch”, as stalkers and probation officers say.

Unfortunately, though, little is made of Olsen’s talent and Silent House is yet another lazy, low-quality boo-flick with a formulaic central character that merrily degrades a big-busted young thing by putting her in a tight white vest and having her running around screaming and whimpering a lot.

A “shown in real time” novelty adds nothing to what little tension exists and the story is not only poorly paced but also jarringly clunky: Playing a pretty simple haunted-house card for the first two-thirds of the film, it then makes a sharp turn and firmly heads towards a just-about-decent but not entirely unexpected ending and “twist”.

Now in rapid ascendency and surely with more roles to choose from, we can only hope that Olsen won’t feel the need to opt for such bilge in the future.

2 out of 5

9th May 2012 | On IMDb