Monsieur Lazhar review

When a teacher commits suicide her replacement attempts to handle a confused class of children at the same time as dealing with his own emotional problems.

A thoroughly written script layers its characters supremely and gives them a great deal of depth and essential credibility. The actors, adults and children alike, are, without exception, not only believable, but compelling, evoking real pathos, and they are directed with care and precision so that relationships develop seamlessly in a story told with impressively consistent pace.

The angle of a teacher learning as much from his students as they learn from him is nothing new but the subject matter, of naivety, grief, and difficult adult-child relationships, is delicately handled and genuinely moving without being artificially manipulating, right down to the slightly predictable but absolutely wonderful tear-inducing final shot.

4 out of 5

10th May 2012 | On IMDb