May 2012 archives

Moonrise Kingdom review

Moonrise Kingdom

Oozing style but not entirely at the expense of substance. Cute, charming, fun, enjoyable, and refreshingly unique.

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Prometheus: Reasons to be Cautious

Prometheus: Reasons to be Cautious

Cautious optimism might be healthier than the rampant wild excitement that has preordained the hugely anticipated Prometheus a classic.


Monsieur Lazhar review

Monsieur Lazhar

Finely detailed characters are brought to life by compelling performances in a delicately crafted, genuinely moving French Canadian drama.

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Goodbye First Love review

Goodbye First Love

A moving, if flawed, naturalistic romantic tale about young love.

3 / 5 | Read

Silent House review

Silent House

Elizabeth Olsen's talents are under-exploited in a run-of-the-mill lazy boo-flick.

2 / 5 | Read