The Cabin in the Woods review

A bunch of kids mosey on over to a remote cabin in the woods where a mysterious high-tech organisation casually unleashes all manner of horrors on them.

The traditional horror film-within-a-film (that is, the terrorised teens), purposefully featuring a swathe of kids-in-peril horror clich├ęs, isn’t especially scary (which is a shame but then, if I was to be both cynical and generous, perhaps that, too, reflects a trend in horror films of late) and the film could have been funnier (it’s funny - very funny - in places). But, taking the meta-horror film to a level the Scream series barely comes close to, an intelligent, original concept that is difficult to talk too much about without giving away all of its secrets, backed up by a strong script, is the film’s defining, winning element. Luckily, it’s not only clever, it’s extremely enjoyable, too, culminating in a truly riotous showdown.

Who knew the All-American dumb teenager slaughterfest sub-genre doesn’t have to be inherently crap?

4 out of 5

18th Apr 2012 | Official site | On IMDb