Young Adult review

An author of teenage fiction returns to her childhood hometown to reclaim an old flame and “save” him from marriage and fatherhood.

The reunion of director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody, who brought us Juno almost exactly four years ago, is, to many, including myself, an exciting occasion. But Young Adult is a very different beast to its collaborators’ predecessor - it isn’t nearly as cute or as quirky as Juno and is, in fact, quite dark and more than a little bit depressing. While very funny it is also tough-going, following a confused woman growing old disgracefully, effectively having a breakdown, something that seems to be a theme of late.

Together, and individually, Reitman and Cody cement their reputation but Charlize Theron is a wonderfully fresh cherry-on-top. Her depiction of the central, complex character is absorbing, handling a gamut of emotions exceptionally well, hitting the right notes in all situations, from the ridiculously comical to angry and heartfelt moments.

In another strong year, awards juries have ignored numerous films worthy of recognition. But with rather special turns from writer, director, and lead actress, Young Adult has to be considered as a strong contender for the most standout overlooked film of the season.

4 out of 5

9th Feb 2012 | Official site | On IMDb