Chronicle review

Three kids gain telekinetic super powers and dick around.

The possibility of super-powered teenagers doing nothing more than messing about? I can believe that. I totally believe that. That’s what I would have done. Hell, I’d still do it now. Sod all of that saving-babies-from-burning-hospitals crap. As nice as that approach is, though, Chronicle’s application of the concept isn’t entirely believable - the extent to which they do little of any significance either with themselves or to the world around them is pushed a little too far. And how is it that no one really notices any of their shenanigans? That the story almost entirely eschews the characters’ initial discoveries and reactions to their powers to focus on the development of their relationships is commendable but then the inevitable mental breakdown of one of the three is rather too sudden, even though the groundwork for his flipping-out does away with any kind of subtlety (Oh! His dad beats him! Oh! His mum’s dying! Oh! He’s a social outcast! Oh! He’s a virgin!). Having said that, the point at which he really loses it is the point at which the film really gets interesting.

As for the production, we’re treated to yet more let’s-pretend-it’s-really-filmed-on-camcorders bollocks. Hate it or hate it, this time around, though, the camera operators have the steadiest hands in the history of mammalian life and the colour and quality output from the three cameras used for the majority of the “filming” is matched perfectly. Miraculous! So, moving on from the sarcasm, what’s the bloody point? It does absolutely nothing for the film except provide a distraction. There are some nice uses towards the end of the film where a plethora of cameras are supposedly used (and one of the points, I guess, is that so many people now have video-enabled phones and such - terrifically profound) but making it central to the film is beyond unnecessary.

Chronicle could have delved much deeper into the psychology of the characters and addressed their actions and consequences of their actions in a more realistic light. But it’s a nice concept, performances are largely impressive and convincing, and the final third is a particularly engaging thrill ride.

3 out of 5

3rd Feb 2012 | On IMDb


Chronicle: 6/10
enjoyable enough but overly long and a bit unfocussed. Some cool effects, though

matt, 26th Jun 2012