2012 Tantalisers: Sci-fi and Action opinion

Drama and comedy are all well and good but I know what you really crave: GUNS and ALIENS, yeah? YEAH! Like a cicada’s life cycle, 2012, after a few relatively dry years, appears to behold a sci-fi swarm so, avoiding a few blatant duds in the genre, here are some picks to look forward to this year, garnished with a few less-sciencey, more fantasy-y things and some good old actiongunexplosionboom movies.

Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire will get the action off to a thrilling start in a few weeks but things really get going later in the year. Coming in June, Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel is, in fact, my most eagerly anticipated film of the year (a dangerous thing to be). The following month brings us The Dark Knight Rises and director Chris Nolan (not to mention writing partner brother Jonathan Nolan) just isn’t (aren’t) capable of making bad films. But then I used to think that of Tim Burton. Speaking of whom, Dark Shadows is due for release in May. Could be OK. Could be.

Looper, from the director of the wonderful Brick and slightly less wonderful Brothers Bloom, flies over in September and Sam Mendes’ (Sam Mendes!) take on James Bond in Skyfall is coming our way in October. Gravity, from Alfonso Cuarón, who delivered sci-fi cult classic Children of Men and absolute indie classic Y Tu Mamá También, drops the same month.

Extraterrestrial, the new film from Nacho Vigalondo, writer-director of Spanish wonder-sci-fi Timecrimes, will hopefully make an appearance and Korean master Park Chan-wook turns to the English language, and returns to horror, directing Stoker (but Park hasn’t written it - that accolade, peculiarly, goes to TV actor Wentworth Miller). Finally, a film that has me all excited after a recent trailer release, is Upside Down, from the man behind The Man Without a Head, one of the greatest short films ever made (fact).

So there you go. Lots to get excited about and plenty more that will do doubt have created excitement before the year is out. I understand that you just might be getting all excited about midgets with big feet skipping along in December and, fine, you can have that, but, please, just don’t mention The Avengers - it is big but it’s not clever.

5th Jan 2012