The Artist review

As talking pictures emerge in Hollywood romance blossoms between a charismatic film star of the silent era falling from grace and a young actress in her ascendency.

The Artist has become the leading contender for Best Picture Oscar (amongst others, including Best Director) but what odds would have been offered on a black and white silent French romantic comedy achieving that feat this time last year (it’s worth repeating - that’s black and white, silent, French, romcom)? This film is a bona-fide sensation and that is for far more than its imitation of, or homage to, movies of the early 20th Century; whilst sticking resolutely to that vision it remains contemporary with modern acting styles and humour and even toying with the genre itself (there is, for example, a smidgen of synchronised sound and dialogue).

At its heart is a wonderful, heart-warming story that, in itself, is nothing new, but is brilliantly told, leaving emotions to be conveyed through music and action, as they had to be all those years ago. Necessarily heavy on physical acting performances, particularly notable performances come from lead Jean Dujardin and from Uggie, who plays “The Dog”, winner of every Best Supporting Actor award going, if there is any justice in the world.

A playful, well-made, joyful, feel-good film with mass-appeal that only the blackest of hearts can fail to raise a smile to, The Artist is one of the easiest films of recent years to recommend to just about anyone. A film to fall in love with.

4 out of 5

31st Dec 2011 | Official site | On IMDb


Saw this last night, as you predicted I loved it.

I also saw Win Win the night before which was pretty good.

matt, 13th Feb 2012