2011 Tiptop Ten opinion

It has been an extraordinarily strong year for film. A peppery blend of what I regard to have been the best and what have been my favourites, here are my top-10 films released in the UK in 2011:

  1. Black Swan (USA, January)
  2. The Tree of Life (USA, July)
  3. We Need to Talk About Kevin (UK/USA, October)
  4. Blue Valentine (USA, January)
  5. Drive (USA, September)
  6. Incendies (Canada, June)
  7. 127 Hours (USA, January)
  8. The Artist (France, December)
  9. Take Shelter (USA, November)
  10. Confessions (Japan, February)

Narrowly missing out are Melancholia, Kill List, Neds, The King’s Speech and Snowtown. Oh, and Poetry. And The Skin I Live In. And True Grit and Animal Kingdom and A Separation. All of these would comfortably make the list in any “normal” year. Guilty pleasures only feel guilty because of the indie-eyebrow-raising their very mention evokes but I thoroughly enjoyed Bridesmaids and Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

28th Dec 2011


And you have yet to even see Tower Heist!

A strong year for movies indeed....

Ross Bruniges, 28th Dec 2011