Tyrannosaur review

A troubled haggard angry loner bonds with a troubled haggard abused wife as they steer each others’ lives in both uplifting and tragic directions.

Paddy Considine has (very ably, to say the least) acted for a number of highly regarded directors over the years and he has clearly been taking notes because his debut behind the camera is impressive. Another bloody British actor who, sickeningly, turns out to be multi-talented.

The simple story has some depth, tackling issues of depression and domestic violence but, perhaps unsurprisingly, given the director’s background, the characters and acting performances are prominent and central to the film. Peter Mullan, surely a candidate for some kind of man-of-the-year award after also directing this year’s best of British, NEDS, leads the way with a larger-than-life, stonkingly exuberant performance. It is Olivia Colman, though, who steals the limelight with a layered, emotionally charged, believable performance of a depressed, confused punch-bag in need of love and with love to give. A pleasant surprise; this is Sophie, from Peep Show, really?

A far-from-fun film (which isn’t a criticism), Considine, and his cast, should be proud after producing such a powerful, emotionally draining piece of work.

4 out of 5

10th Oct 2011 | Official site | On IMDb