The Ides of March review

When a hotshot campaign manager for a philandering American presidential hopeful loses his job he goes about plotting revenge.

Hey, look, it’s that Ryan Gosling fella again. I’ve heard that guy can turn bile into champagne. And is that Philip Seymour Hoffman? And Paul Giamatti? Wow. This is like some kind of pantheon director and star George Clooney has gathered here.

The story of “integrity and dignity” is compelling enough and quite admirably directed, for a Batman. But in this West-Wing-wonder Aaron Sorkin age and orator-extraordinaire-Obama era of ours some of Clooney’s lines in particular are lightweight and unbelievable in the hardened American political context the film tries, not entirely successfully, to conjure.

The drama is lifted by a considerable degree by the actors, though, especially by Jesus Gosling, and end result is gripping and more than enjoyable enough to warrant a cinema jaunt.

3 out of 5

26th Oct 2011 | On IMDb