Midnight in Paris review

On a trip to Paris a screenwriter struggling to write a novel experiences a time shift that finds him meeting, being inspired by, and partying with, some of his “golden age” heroes.

Inside a light but funny story, larger than life characters spring up in abundance. Owen Wilson, as writer Gil, is perfectly fine in the lead, as is the resplendent Marion Cotillard. The host of other characters and their actors are a mixed bunch, however. Carla Bruni is marginally passable and Adrien Brody’s superbly lunatic Salvador Dali is a highlight. At the other end of the scale, Michael Sheen is awkward and Rachel McAdams’ Inez, Gil’s fiancĂ©, is such an extreme super-bitch there’s no rhyme or reason why the hell the lead character would fall for her in the first place.

With this whimsical, romantic fairy tale, legendary and prolific writer-director Woody Allen is having even more fun than usual. There is always something to appreciate in his work but anyone saying this is a return to form (plenty are, it seems) perhaps needs to revisit Allen’s back catalogue. Midnight in Paris lacks the razor-sharp dialogue of Allen’s best but it is, without doubt, one of his better recent efforts.

3 out of 5

13th Oct 2011 | Official site | On IMDb