London Film Festival Previews, Pt. 3 opinion

With just a few more days of the 55th London Film Festival left, here’s a look at some of the remaining offerings.

The Awakening

It’s great to finally see Rebecca Hall sink her teeth into a lead role but the talented actress can do little to lift this pretty yet pretty dull period spook-fest. Largely obvious, poorly paced, and with characters it is difficult to care about, the film is also about as scary as a dandelion. (2/5)

The Awakening will be showing at the festival on the 25th and 26th October and is due to go on general release 11th November.


An Israeli drama about two Jewish scholars - a father and son - contains well-rounded characters in a simple yet strong story tinged with humour. Nicely shot and decorated with some snazzy post-production effects trickery, the script, which at times contains long, unbroken dialogue without ever being dry or uninteresting, is brilliantly realised. (4/5)

Footnote will be showing at the festival on the 25th and 27th October and is not currently due for general release.

We Have a Pope

Enjoyable and at times extremely funny, touching moments about a man overwhelmed tend to be overshadowed by rather absurd situations. The portrayal of aged cardinals as child-like clowns is amusing but doesn’t help any kind of message and the abrupt ending is not entirely in keeping with the tone of the rest of the film. (3/5)

We Have a Pope will be showing at the festival on the 25th and 27th October and is due for general release 2nd December.

This Must Be the Place

Sean Penn stars as an Ozzy Osbourne-inspired, decades-long-drug-binge-brain-wreck of a retired rocker who seeks out a war criminal who tortured his father. The story’s a little bit bollocks, to get straight to the point, but Penn is superb - hilarious, with impeccable comic timing. More comedy roles for Mr. Penn, please. (3/5)

This Must Be the Place will be showing at the festival on the 26th and 27th October and is currently slated for general release in March 2012.

24th Oct 2011