Drive review

“Do you know the story about the scorpion and the frog?” An unnamed mechanic, stuntman, getaway driver and proper Camus-style outsider, finds himself in a bit of a blood-stained pickle when when a heist backfires.

Yes, Gozer, Ryan Gosling is a god and his considerable talent is matched by commendable versatility. Not long after he should have won every award going for Blue Valentine, he deserves the same for Drive, delivering a captivating performance as a cool yet psychopathic lost individual with a single-minded, base life philosophy. Carey Mulligan may appear awkward at first but is actually a fine complement to Gosling. We don’t see an awful lot of her but the delicate relationship between two loners who feel an instant, uncomfortable connection progresses beautifully. Albert Brooks, Ron Perlman, and especially Bryan Cranston are also sublime, and perfectly placed.

While Gosling undeniably stands out as the most memorable aspect of the movie, there is much more to it and it stands as an example of a director with a vision who has complete control over a project. Built like an 80s gangster classic, complete with a modern retro-electro soundtrack (ballsy, but it works), and clearly influenced by the genre, it still carves its own quality niche as a stylish, fresh film combining edge-of-seat action with genuine depth and oodles of character.

5 out of 5

23rd Sep 2011 | Official site | On IMDb


This is next on my list. We're a little bit behind the beat this far West.

matt, 11th Oct 2011