Apollo 18 review

There I was swallowing the generally accepted explanation that NASA ceased manned moon missions because they cost obscene amounts of money and achieved pretty much dick all of any real use. How wrong I was. Space crabs. That’s the real reason. Space crabs.

The whoopsiedaisical tale of Apollo 18, a mission that somehow blasted off in absolute fanfare-less secret in 1974, is here documented by piecing together “leaked classified archive footage” (although how that made its way back to the planet is anyone’s guess). The predictable story is as deep as a mosquito’s paddling pool (men go to moon, bad things happen to men, bad things get worse) but it’s a stylish sense-tickling idea movie, relentlessly sticking to grainy images and hissing sound and delivering quite a few effective BOO moments.

3 out of 5

5th Sep 2011 | Official site | On IMDb