Super 8 review

Written and directed by wunderkind J.J. Abrams, a bunch of rural American kids in the 1980s discover an alien blah blah blah blah.

30-something-year-old men around the globe are getting stiffies over Super 8 because they remember ET with such fondness. All I can say to you, perverts, is that having a stiffy over ET is just plain wrong. It takes bestiality to a whole new level. At least sheep have more genes in common with a human than a bloody space monkey does. But I digress.

Fundamentally, this is a film trying far too hard to be in the style of a 1980s Spielberg film. And not only does this bog down more important things like, oh, I don’t know, story, it doesn’t work because there’s so much damned slick 2011 CGI involved. Which, admittedly, looks lovely, in itself.

I had high expectations for this because I got a stiffy over Abrams’ Star Trek. Unfortunately, and a little surprisingly, Super 8 is slightly boring, clichéd, and comes with too abrupt an ending. Disappointment aside, however, it is actually not a complete failure and it’s not, entirely, bad. Just don’t get your hopes, or anything else, up. Perverts.

3 out of 5

5th Aug 2011 | Official site | On IMDb


I enjoyed this, but the ending was Super Cheese. I'd expected The Goonies 2011 but it was nowhere near that good – not enough gadgets.

matt, 17th Aug 2011