Rise of the Planet of the Apes review

A scientist raises a gifted chimpanzee who becomes more than he, or the human race, can handle.

Rise is a welcome addition to the Planet of the Apes franchise in a way that otherwise-god Tim Burton’s god-awful 2001 remake never was. A reboot and a prequel, ish, there is actually little in common with the original series of films and it confidently stands, upright, on its own two feet.

There are numerous rather large leaps of faith required and there is some seriously questionable science going on but these should, and can, be ignored. A little more could have been done to establish more robust human characters, too, but inside a slick, well structured, action-packed, thought-provoking story lies the film’s biggest accomplishment; the strongest performance by a computer-generated character we have ever seen. The highly anthropomorphic, 100% CGI non-human apes are slightly frustrating from a realism point-of-view but, as nearer-“missing-links”, convey astonishingly believable emotions - you feel for Caesar, the emperor chimp, for his family and comrade ties, and even for his cause. Crush those filthy humans!

Brilliantly set up for a sequel that, for once, doesn’t feel eye-rollingly contrived, I say bring it on. I am tantalised.

4 out of 5

12th Aug 2011 | Official site | On IMDb