Elite Squad: The Enemy Within review

A sequel to 2008 film Elite Squad, a high-ranking Brazillian cop breaks down a corrupt system running the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

With a firmer focus on politics and corruption than its predecessor (which really should be seen to get the most out of this film), Elite Squad 2 still continues in a dark, gritty, hard-hitting vein. There are a lot of testosterone-filled water balloons being thrown about and although it does well in conjuring a brooding atmosphere (even with faaar too much narration), there isn’t actually a lot of interest being said, certainly nothing that we haven’t heard a hundred times before in film, and it doesn’t add a lot to the smaller scale, more exciting first film. Because it has grander ambitions it also takes an eye off the personal relationships that made its predecessor so much deeper and more compelling.

Given how powerful the original was, relatively speaking (because the original was far from perfect), this is a bit of a disappointment but remains a step ahead of most bloody action gun-fests. Just.

3 out of 5

17th Aug 2011 | Official site | On IMDb