A Separation review

After separating from his wife, a man hires a housekeeper to look after his ailing father but he is soon accused of murder when she miscarries.

An Iranian film, A Separation provides interesting insight into attitudes towards gender, family, and religion in a culture that is not often represented on the big screen. Regardless of its cultural intrigue, however, this is an impressive, enjoyable (though depressing) film in its own right and is another great demonstration of how powerful a film can be with a miniscule budget but a strong, original script. Locations are kept to a minimum but impressive acting performances across the board bring the story to life, the characters’ lives filled with credible distress that builds as the story progresses.

A powerful film that firmly holds the attention throughout numerous twists and turns, there is little doubt that this will be one of the most memorable pieces of world cinema this year.

4 out of 5

5th Jul 2011 | On IMDb