July 2011 archives

Poetry review


Yet another Korean gem, working to an impressive script Yun Jeong-hie is absolutely superb in a bleak, slow-moving but eminently watchable drama.

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The Big Picture review

The Big Picture

Romain Duris and his unique face is as good as ever in a solid, enjoyable, nicely shot, gripping thriller that isn’t quite original enough to stand out.

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Beginners review


Not as clever and quirky as it would like to be and managing to make the central plot dull and nearly irrelevant, there is still plenty to admire, including a radiant Mélanie Laurent.

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Bal review


A touching snapshot of a relationship between a cute inquisitive Turkish kid and his doomed disciplinarian dad.

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The Tree of Life review

The Tree of Life

Bold and completely unique, this is a challenge but a wonderful, beautiful, thought provoking experience.

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A Separation review

A Separation

A simple yet powerful Iranian film that firmly holds the attention throughout numerous twists and turns.

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