Fair Game review

No, it’s not the 1995 Cindy Crawford/Billy Baldwin classic, it’s the true tale of Valerie Plame, whose life goes a tad awry when she kicks up a stink about the “existence” of WMDs in Iraq and her long-covert CIA identity is subsequently sneakily revealed to the world.

I just did not give a shit. I’m not convinced the material is interesting enough in the first place but, certainly, not enough is done with it to inspire significant emotional reactions. It’s flat. Don’t throw “startling” events at me; let me feel for the lead (finely played by Naomi Watts) and probe the depths of the relationship with her husband (less credibly played by Sean Penn). Don’t just assume this stuff; build it; make me care. And it’s not a great revelation what an utter twunt George W. Bush was or particularly shocking to be exposed to cover-ups, lies and political reasons for waging war on Iraq. Been there, done that. Wait… that’s not quite right.

2 out of 5

16th Mar 2011 | Official site | On IMDb