Rabbit Hole review

A couple rely on and repel each other as they try to come to terms with the death of their child.

Nicole Kidman, the frail, confused mother looking for answers, is perfectly cast and delivers a believable performance. Aaron Eckhart, the stronger but equally depressed father, less so. Dianne Weist, the mother, and Sandra Oh, the alternative companion, are particularly watchable and newcomer Miles Teller, the young driver who knocked down the child, is also very impressive. It’s a good cast doing a good job, regardless of the emotionally charged performances that can sometimes mask true quality.

Unsurprisingly, this is an incessantly depressing grieve-fest. But that in itself doesn’t make a good film and Rabbit Hole relies on its subject matter too much. There are some undeniably touching moments, such as when the mother meets with the teenage driver, but, on the whole, it fails to move as deeply as it intends. Somewhat forced and largely predictable, the film travels from one explicit, even clich├ęd, emotional reaction to another, too frequently eschewing subtlety and depriving the characters of a greater complexity they need to evoke a level of sympathy that would make the film truly powerful.

3 out of 5

4th Feb 2011 | Official site | On IMDb