New York, I Love You review

Released in the UK on a handful of screens over a year after its US debut, New York, I Love You follows a similar formula to Paris, Je T’Aime, from the same producer, featuring shorts from a host of directors starring a slew of big name actors using its titular city as a backdrop.

The writers and directors, significantly less well known and arguably of a lower calibre that those of the film’s predecessor, apparently fail to grasp what makes a short film work with lazy concepts, too much talk and not enough action. Short films are limiting but therein lies the challenge and, unlike Paris Je T’Aime, there are few signs of anyone embracing that challenge and working to the medium.

There are some nicely shot scenes and I particularly enjoyed the possibly offensive short about a boy copping off with a possibly paraplegic girl. There are some superb actors in there, too. And Hayden Christensen. But even the likes of Natalie Portman, Chris Cooper, and Julie Christie fail to rise to the occasion. Too often it seems some actors have just turned up and read lines.

“New York, I Quite Like You And I MIGHT Get You A Valentine’s Card, If It’s Cheap, But Don’t Expect Chocolates” would be more fitting.

2 out of 5

9th Feb 2011 | Official site | On IMDb