Black Swan Swoon opinion

Now and then a film floats by and blows you away. It could be as ugly as sin without makeup in others’ eyes but, for you, it is a vision to behold, literally in awe, as if Cupid swapped his bow for a projector.

Black Swan possesses an abundance of qualities I love, as a passionate film consumer and as an aspiring filmmaker. A breakneck pace, bold, engaging visuals, through art direction, cinematography, and editing, emotive sound to match, convincing, even mesmerising acting, defiance to fit into any genre, and a slight other-worldliness, conjured both through an intelligent, playful, dark script and uncompromising slick direction. Dancers’ plausibility-related objections are hereby taken as seriously as hotel caretakers’ criticisms of The Shining. The main sensible complaint coming from some quarters—that it is slightly outrageous—is fair but outrageous is a trait I can put a cherry on and eat right up. Realism is wonderful, and difficult to achieve, but fiction is stranger, and more thrilling, than truth.

Misguided lunatics can award Black Swan one-out-of-five until the bulls come home. It doesn’t matter if, objectively, it isn’t great (oh, but, by the way, it is), this is a personal affair. Film can be a powerful thing and I have had a truly exciting, inspiring experience.

26th Jan 2011