BAFTA Awards Nominations opinion

The recently announced 2011 BAFTA Awards nominations confirm that this is an incredibly strong year with a number of films that could easily sweep the board in any other, less fiercely competitive, year.

The major oddites that leap out are Blue Valentine being completely ignored, The Illusionist failing to gain a nomination for Animated Film, even though there are only three nominations in that category and Melissa Leo, winner of the supporting actress Golden Globe for The Fighter, favourite for the same at the Oscars, and all-round fantastic actress, doesn’t even get a mention. Oh, and the superb British film Neds should definitely be in there somewhere.

Here’s who, from the list, I think should win and who I think will win the major awards:

Some of these are a really tough call, though.

The Oscars are the biggest but The BAFTAs are probably the best, representing the slightly different sensibilities on this side of the pond. It’s a great spread but it’s ever so slightly unavoidable that The King’s Speech will do most of the board sweeping.

18th Jan 2011