127 Hours review

The true story of a duuude who, whilst rock clambering in an arid, deserted landscape, traps his arm for 127 hours. And then chops it off.

It’s a harrowing tale, granted, but how the hell can you spin an entertaining 90-minute dramatic film from such a static event? It’s just a bloke with his arm stuck, right? I saw a TV movie about a girl trapped in a pipe once. And that was shit. Surely this is the same kind of thing…

There I was, doubting its director, Danny Boyle. Silly boy. The refreshingly humble, unassuming man continues to climb in my estimation because 127 Hours is an impressively entertaining spectacle.

James Franco is superb as a carefree hyperactive man who is as likable as he is a jumped-up idiot. But, nicely accompanied by a rousing mix of original and modern popular music, the sweetest treat lies in visuals with stunning cinematography and frenetic editing that generates fast-paced action, flicking between actual events, video camera playbacks, flashbacks and daydreams. Fresh, exciting, moving, masterful.

4 out of 5

4th Jan 2011 | Official site | On IMDb


I am really excited to experience this film. I hope it lives up to my expectations (I'm sure it will).

I am wondering, though, why did it lose a star (or circle)?

trovster, 4th Jan 2011

It wasn't *quite* special enough. It was a close call, though. Really, really close.

I'm stingier than most when it comes to awarding the legendary fifth star.

Patrick Griffiths, 4th Jan 2011