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Black Swan Swoon

Black Swan Swoon

A stout man's love affair with a ballet drama.


Black Swan review

Black Swan

Aronofsky and Portman prove an almighty combination in a mischievous, thrilling film of the highest order.

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BAFTA Awards Nominations

BAFTA Awards Nominations

The BAFTAs are back, the highlight, for the UK at least, of the awards season, with an incredibly strong list of nominations.


Blue Valentine review

Blue Valentine

Multi-layered and enthralling, there is so much to admire. It is lovingly crafted and exceptionally rewarding as a result.

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The King's Speech review

The King's Speech

Overlooking reverential treatment of its subjects, a stand-out historical drama finely played and beautifully shot.

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127 Hours review

127 Hours

Frenetic editing, beautiful scenery and superb acting turn a static, albeit harrowing, event into an attractive and exciting 90 minutes.

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Love and Other Drugs review

Love and Other Drugs

A fine cast and crew still manage to produce a traditionally unchallenging romcom.

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