2010 Tiptop 10 opinion

2010 wasn’t exactly a golden saffron champagne truffle year for movies, in my most humble of opinions, but, complying with strict film reviewer law, please find attached Mytiptoptenfilms list:

  1. Mother (Korea)
  2. Kick-Ass (USA)
  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (USA)
  4. Dogtooth (Greece)
  5. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (USA)
  6. The Maid (Chile)
  7. The Illusionist (France)
  8. Inception (USA)
  9. Micmacs (France)
  10. The Secret In Their Eyes (Argentina)

Winter’s Bone, Let Me In, Ponyo, Ajami, Leap Year, The Social Network, Another Year and A Prophet are also worth a mention. Heartbreaker wins the guilty pleasure award. At the other end of the scale Double Take, Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives, Somewhere, and 44-Inch Chest were painfully disappointing. The Human Centipede was as hilariously awful as expected.

Things look good for 2011. Really flipping good. Black Swan and Blue Valentine, coming our way next month, are superb films of the highest quality and are more exhilarating than any we have seen this year. Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, The Coens’ True Grit, The King’s Speech, The Tree Of Life… screw “2011”, January 2011 looks like it could trump the whole of 2010. Yes please, I’ll have some of that.

27th Dec 2010


I have been going through my movies of the year, and at first thought the same as you, that 2010 wasn't the best year for movies. But as I steadily added more and more movies I had to rethink that initial idea.

What about Toy Story 3? Shutter Island? The Social Network? The Ghost Writer? The Town? Buried?

I really want to see Mother and have just ordered Dogtooth on DVD. Micmacs is another I want to see, but got a very limited release. Winter's Bone and Let Me In are others which I sadly missed.

Bad Lieutenant? Really? I've not seen it, but I've heard it's bad – really bad.

trovster, 28th Dec 2010

Bad Lieutenant is magnificent. Totally bonkers, so I see why others might not like it, but magnificent. Here are a few other reviews of it:




The thing with 2010 is that I didn't feel any of the films on offer were really, really *special*, the same way I did Moon, Slumdog or Gran Torino last year or In Bruges, There Will Be Blood or No Country For Old Men the year before. My attention has already turned to next year when we are in for some really exciting movies.

Patrick Griffiths, 28th Dec 2010