We Are What We Are review

The patriarch of a ritualistic cannibalistic Mexican family dies leaving his wife, daughter, and two sons to figure out the ritualistic cannibalistic thing by themselves. Now, where did I leave that instruction manual…

We Are What We Are is a drama about a family in disarray first and a horror second which is a really nice, commercially ballsy approach. Mourning, sibling rivalry, bickering, teenage hormones… oh, and the teensy added complication that they enjoy kidnapping and chowing down on peoples. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere.

It’s a fine idea that works to a degree. The story doesn’t pace itself very well and essential character development points are too often missed or under-played. Attention is lavished on the elder son (or perhaps it’s Francisco Barreiro’s performance that steals it) but it is the daughter (ably played by Sin Nombre’s Paulina Gaitan) who is the most interesting character. If suggestions that, really, she’s the most evil, manipulative one were given more weight and impetus the story would be more interesting, the film more compelling and the traditional horror ending more powerful.

3 out of 5

19th Nov 2010 | Official site | On IMDb