Let Me In review

An introverted, bullied boy finds confidence and companionship when a mysterious girl with a taste for human blood moves in next door.

It is perfectly understandable why Let The Right One In was remade; it has a killer story and, like it or not, a huge number of English-speaking cinema-goers won’t go to see subtitled films. It is also perfectly understandable why so many were wary of this remake when most tend to lazily translate the original, failing to comprehend what made it special in the first place. But Let Me In is a pleasing exception, demonstrating real integrity and, like its Swedish counterpart, this American version is a thoroughly engaging, very well made film.

The familiar story remains intact and offers a tweaked, well-paced structure, adding a nice twist regarding the relationship between the girl’s “father” and the boy. Striking special effects are markedly different to the lower budget Let the Right One In and although less subtle are more spectacular. It is different, and the difference is welcome. Glossier and less alien than the original, Let Me In can still stand on its own feet as a horror film that is significantly better than most.

4 out of 5

4th Nov 2010 | Official site | On IMDb


I'd already heard that it was a good remake, but what you say about the differences makes me intrigued. Less subtle, glossier and more spectacular - which is what most American remakes are, usually in a detrimental way. I am looking forward to "re-watching" the story, though.

trovster, 4th Nov 2010

It's still sufficiently dark and the story doesn't really lose any of its subtlety.

The glossier, more spectacular side comes down to sharper technical points in sound, cinematography, and especially special effects, thank in no small part to a bigger budget I'm sure. I loved the big effects (look out for a brilliant car crash) but others might suggest that they are unnecessary.

Patrick Griffiths, 4th Nov 2010