Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps review

The sequel to 1987 classic Wall Street sees a young, talented financial trader turn to the notorious Gordon Gekko to help him avenge the death of his mentor.

One thing the film really has going for it is that Daryl Hannah isn’t in it. Shia LaBeouf is perfectly fine in the lead, Josh Brolin gets the job done and Carey Mulligan again shows signs of brilliance although she, and LaBeouf, come to that, feel slightly out of place; too nicey for a film about greed. A wooden Charlie Sheen cameo is a highlight but it is Michael Douglas, yet again, who steals the show. Maybe not Oscar-worthy this time, he is still good, clearly enjoying the ride.

The lavish production, from elaborate helicopter shots to maddening split-screens and peculiar transitions to a baffling Tron-on-Endor forest motorcycle race is a little over-the-top and, the film, inconsistent with its predecessor, lacks edge, is relatively light, and the tacked-on Hollywood ending is a real shame. However, there is a degree of fascination surrounding the events and characters (especially Gekko), there is enough substance to at least entertain and it has to be said that the film is better than expected.

3 out of 5

8th Oct 2010 | Official site | On IMDb