The American review

An, uh, American assassin is sent to hide out in a remote Italian mountain town and, while he’s there, he, y’know, just so he’s got something to do, bonks a bit and puts together a special supercannongun for another, lady, assassin.

George Clooney is as strong as ever as an unusually subdued, cheerless, yet recognisably cool character. But while he’s the main reason people will flock to see the film, the biggest highlight is the spectacularly picturesque setting of winding cobbled paths around old hillside buildings and far-reaching wild, mountainous landscapes that conjure an environment that is as much foreboding as it is beautiful.

A superb, gripping opening develops slowly and remains mysterious throughout (who is he? Who does he work for?). Unfortunately, although it shows so much promise, it’s all a little too predictable even with all of the mystery and the ending is particularly underwhelming and unsatisfying. Still, it’s worth a go.

The American will be showing at the London Film Festival on the 16th (twice), 17th, and 19th of October (expecting it to be popular, are we?) and goes on general release 26th November.

3 out of 5

12th Oct 2010 | Official site | On IMDb