Mammuth review

A retired man finds his place in the world as he gets on his motorbike to hunt down paperwork to qualify for a pension, encountering wild, wonderful, and weird characters along the way.

The strength of the film lies in comical events and mad characters. There is some fantastic, funny imagery as the directors put a spherical Gerard Depardieu, who fits the bill perfectly (or maybe the bill fits him), in numerous bizarre situations. Yolande Moreau, who it would have been nice to see more of, and who is becoming one of my favourite actresses, plays one of many other quirky, unique, lovable(ish), characters, the likes of which you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

Following the screening of the hilarious, anarchic comedy Louise-Michel at the 2008 London Film Festival, Mammuth, from the same directors, was my most highly anticipated film of this year’s festival. Although it remains incredibly funny, unfortunately it is more restrained than its predecessor and a little too rough around the edges. Shot on 16mm for artistic reasons, this achieves little more a cheap look, too frequently unreadable subtitles, and restricting its commercial viability.

3 out of 5

24th Oct 2010 | On IMDb