London Film Festival Epilogue opinion

This year I managed to attend a few more London Film Festival screenings than last. A nice round number, I caught 50 films from 20 countries, still only a quarter of the total number of features on offer.

English language and Latin American films were the big winners for me with Copacabana being the only European film (excluding those from the UK) in my top-10. This was unexpected and it was even more unexpected to find films from the USA feature so prominently. Blue Valentine blew me away and, as unoriginal as it may sound, given the hype, I absolutely loved Black Swan. In a big way. Others worthy of note were Carancho (Argentina), Abel (Mexico), Leap Year (Mexico), and Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours (USA).

At the bottom of the pile were Heartbeats (Canada) and Two Gates of Sleep (USA) which I found far too pretentious to notice any genuine artistic merit. Joining them was Somewhere (USA), a terribly empty movie from Sofia Coppla and Uncle Boonmee (Thailand), which bafflingly won the Palme d’Or. Also, seemingly flying in the face of general opinion, I found Special Treatment (France) boring and seriously disliked style-over-substance rotoscope animation Mars (USA).

All-in-all another wide-ranging, well-organised festival providing a brilliant opportunity to explore international film. I had a blast.

30th Oct 2010