Leap Year review

On a fast track to complete self destruction, Laura works hard as a largely unsuccessful journalist from her small home in Mexico City. There, she counts down the days to the anniversary of her father’s death and an increasingly sadomasochistic relationship rises from a series of degrading one night stands.

Leap Year is a fine example of what you can do with a strong script, talented cast, self-assured director, and very little money. Based entirely in a single, pokey flat, the minimal film confidently and successfully explores an intricate, maladjusted psychology, of a lonely young person abusing herself in one way and another, desperate for love. Monica del Carmen gets the viewer firmly on Laura’s side with a completely convincing performance and Michael Rowe’s direction is particularly impressive considering this is his debut film.

A dark, depressing, very explicit tale, this is a clever, intelligent piece of filmmaking that can easily be counted as one of the best films in the London Film Festival line-up.

Leap Year will be showing at the London Film Festival on the 16th and 17th of October and goes on general release 26th November.

4 out of 5

15th Oct 2010 | On IMDb