Heartbeats review

Two repugnant, shallow excuses for human beings fall for an androgynous boy who, although it might initially seem impossible, is even more horridly vapid and self-interested than they are.

It’s not that the nothing-people exhibit more image than substance, it’s that they exhibit absolute image in place of any speck of discernable substance. They’re dislikeable, fake little fuckers who warrant zero sympathy and the emotional pain their shrivelled proto-brains eventually supposedly register deserves a cheer.

At least the film’s overwhelming theme is consistent through and through, with pretentious bullshit as prevalent behind the camera as in the ass-characters in front of it. Apparently, the best way to jazz up a lazy, boring shot composition is to either hard zoom in and out of it a few times or randomly throw in a vivid blue or green light. Ace.

Films that are powerful enough to evoke strong emotions are frequently laudable - it’s not an easy thing to do. So if the aim of this film is to evoke a feeling of raging hatred then I take it all back; it is an overwhelming success.

Heartbeats will grace the London Film Festival on the 21st, 22nd, and 24th of October.

1 out of 5

20th Oct 2010 | On IMDb