Cyrus review

John starts a relationship with Molly but Cyrus, her 22-year old son, isn’t too happy about that and psychological warfare breaks out between the two men as they vie for the affections of the woman they love.

Rough, handheld camera operation is an odd choice and the script, although based on a good premise, is a little lacking, with a predictable story arc. The casting is spot-on, with every one of the main actors perfectly suited to their roles but this is all about Jonah Hill; he stands out. He has more than proven himself as an able comic actor but in very similar, daft, larger-than-life roles. With unhinged Cyrus, however, he explores something much more subtle and complex and really pulls it off. He demonstrates that he’s a good actor (sans-“comic”) and I hope he tries more challenging parts before he dies of a coronary.

Cyrus is a positively psychopathic character in a borderline Oedipal relationship and, with a few tweaks, the film wouldn’t be that far away from twisted psychological thriller territory. But touching moments, characters leaning towards the oddball more than the deranged and outright humour make it a welcome, fresh comedy.

3 out of 5

9th Sep 2010 | Official site | On IMDb