September 2010 archives

Made in Dagenham review

Made in Dagenham

In contrast to the true tale it tells of a bold moment in British history, a gutless film that is nonetheless worth watching for Sally Hawkins alone.

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Winter's Bone review

Winter's Bone

Mature performances and atmospheric cinematography in another "Keep Out, Stay Away" message from the Remote America Tourist Board.

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54th London Film Festival Preview

54th London Film Festival Preview

One month and counting... Black Swan, Mammuth, Womb, Little White Lies, and more: Picks from the 54th London Film Festival line-up.


Cyrus review


A well-cast, enjoyable psycho-comedy. Jonah Hill is especially impressive; there's more than one dimension to him after all.

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Certified Copy review

Certified Copy

Juliette Binoche is always worth watching but massive contrivances almost totally destroy an interesting, good-fun concept.

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