The Secret In Their Eyes

The Secret In Their Eyes review

Forget the Academy Award’s “best foreign language film” stipulation; The Secret In Their Eyes is one of the very best films of the year, in any language.

The three central performances are superb, the cinematography deserves special mention and, like all great films, it has a great script at its heart. There are numerous layers; a twisty central plot, awkward romantic attractions, alcoholism, Argentinian right-wing politics, passion, justice… this is a rich story but never convoluted. The structure works a treat, largely told in flashbacks as a federal justice agent recalls a rape case he has obsessed over for 25 years. The events, intriguing in themselves, seep through to the modern(ish)-day lives of the characters, accompanied by some fine dialogue that is surprisingly extremely funny in places.

Following a well-trodden crime thriller tradition, you could almost imagine this is a (North) American film. If it was in English with a few Hollywood A-listers thrown in it would probably be garnering as much commercial attention on these shores as it is gaining critical acclaim. As it is, audiences will have to hunt down one of the few UK screenings and undergo that most excruciating of pains that is subtitles to witness one of the year’s cinematic highlights.

4 out of 5

20th Aug 2010 | Official site | On IMDb