The Maid review

As the kids have grown up, things have slowly changed for the worse for conniving, troubled, socially awkward maid Raquel. But it changes all the more rapidly when her employers decide to hire another maid to help with family chores. Another maid. Unwanted competition. That must be stopped. One maid after another quits as Raquel undertakes various dastardly, and frequently amusing, methods to terrorise them until extrovert Lucy comes along, clicks with, and brightens up, Raquel’s life.

The central character of Chilean film La Nana is much more complex than your average protagonist, a real psychological muddle, if not wreck, resulting in someone that is despicable, pitiful and charming all at the same time. This is deftly handled, as it has to be for it to work, through an excellent script, thorough direction, and a spot-on, stand-out performance from Catalina Saavedra.

Yet another top-drawer film. Someone sure sprinkled August with glitter, didn’t they?

4 out of 5

31st Aug 2010 | Official site | On IMDb