Scott Pilgrim vs. The World review

A flimsy plot, preposterous relationships (did the scene where someone flicked Ramona Flowers’ Instant Unwarranted Attraction switch end up on the cutting room floor?), tired homosexual stereotypes (gay men as promiscuous sexual predators and women who, of course, are never truly cool unless they’ve had a lesbian relationship at some point in their lives) and a central idea of fighting seven evil exes that is almost completely glossed over with utter nonsense it’s paradoxically trivial.

And, lordy, it just doesn’t matter.

Comic and computer game styles and references play a major part, borrowing established conventions from other mediums and successfully applying them to film, even pushing them to new highs. Yeah. That’s right. It’s Citizen Kane for the Geek Generation. The editing is frenetic and inventive—a real joy—and the CGI is a big comic book font “Wow!” And there’s not a giant blue elf trampolining on sparkly mushrooms in sight. There’s a hell of a lot of fun being had here, both by the filmmakers and the viewer and a hell of a lot of humour to boot. And as for Michael Cera, well, he does the best Michael Cera he’s ever done.

A flawed, innovative, stylish thrill ride.

4 out of 5

29th Aug 2010 | Official site | On IMDb