Splice review

Hey everybody, it’s Vincenzo Natali o’clock. The warped mind that brought you Cube returns with Splice, a great-looking dark sci-fi film about two geeks going a step too far in producing a human / other-animals hybrid thing.

Packaged in an extreme fictional tale, the film explores very real biological research and phenomena, such as gene splicing, sequential hermaphroditism and sex pheromones but in this admirable accomplishment lies its main problem. This is a film about ideas.

It’s frustrating because the ideas are such good ones, however daft they might seem at times, and they would have much more of an impact if more attention was paid to applying them to a tighter story. A key element is the loneliness and frustration of the out-of-place Frankenstein’s Monster but this isn’t adequately explored and not enough is done to evoke sympathy for the poor critter.

Natali surely won’t be able to play on his Cube credentials for much longer but at least die-hard sci-fi fans should find some reward in his latest creation.

3 out of 5

27th Jul 2010 | Official site | On IMDb