Skeletons review

Skeletons, a low-budj British comedy about two travelling exorcists doing their odd thing in a peculiar world, is being toured around the country for special screenings rather than receiving a wider mainstream distribution deal. It’s not likely to be seen by a lot of people, at least not yet, but given its unique qualities it has cult classic written all over it.

With such a wildly kooky concept, the filmmakers gave themselves an admirable but difficult challenge and events aren’t always clear inside a sometimes convoluted story. But this is largely forgivable and it is worth the effort because the story is so original and funny, featuring interesting characters and sharp dialogue inside an intriguingly undefined, surreal world.

The cast of mostly relative unknowns is very strong and the cinematography is also surprisingly impressive - this is a film that certainly wouldn’t feel out of place in the multiplexes. And although it won’t be found in any multiplexes or, indeed, most people’s local cinema, this is a rewarding film well worth hunting down.

4 out of 5

13th Jul 2010 | Official site | On IMDb


Heard about this on last week's Lauren Laverne's 6music "hidden gems" movie chat.

It was the oddest film I've seen in some time. But I thoroughly enjoyed it, sat transfixed the whole way and had to rewind the ending three or four times to catch the last line of dialog. Good on the Brits.

Next on my list, 2005's Linda Linda Linda.

matt, 17th Aug 2011