Leaving review

Kristin Scott Thomas does the French thing again, this time ditching her husband, and the security of her family, for a poorer, chunkier, hunkier man. Hey, just like I Am Love! But smaller. And less pretty.

The new beau is clearly tremendous in bed because Thomas’ character falls giddy in love with him after little more than bonking left right and centre. Their relationship, or what we are shown of it, is about as deep as a puddle and as romantic as gum disease. As a result, and surely contrary to the hopes of the director, it is very difficult to sympathise with the protagonist.

There appears to be a belief in some areas of the British press that foreign-language films are, in the most part, beyond reproach. But Leaving offers little and most audiences hoping to find another gem like I’ve Loved You So Long will be left very disappointed.

2 out of 5

16th Jul 2010 | On IMDb