Half Time, 2010

Half Time, 2010

Six months down, six to go and from where I’m standing we’re not heading towards a classic year for film.

The Blug’s top five films of 2010 pt.1, in no particular order, are Micmacs, Bad Lieutenant, Ponyo, Dogtooth and Kick-Ass. All really tasty slices of entertainment. But even these great films aren’t quite the classics I would hope to see topping the list at this point of the year.

Looking forward, there are a few exciting prospects on the horizon and in the latter half of the year the most anticipated films are Chris Nolan’s Inception, Get Low with Bill Murray and Robert Duvall, foreign language Academy Award winner The Secret In Their Eyes and Edgar Wright’s wonderfully stylised (if the trailer is anything to go by) Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Bring ‘em on.

30th Jun 2010


I am still waiting to see Micmacs, it appears to have by-passed any cinemas near me. I enjoyed Ponyo, it really gave you a childish sense of wonder and exploration. Kick-Ass was also pretty kick-ass.

For me, my favourite movie the year so far is Shutter Island, I loved the moody feel to it, the music and the story. Then there is Cemetery Junction which is my type of comedy, true British wit and another British comedy; Four Lions, which is just so aburdly funny it is outrageous! (and I'm not usually a comedy fan). Other good movies were Iron Man 2 (not as good as the first, admittedly) and How to Train Your Dragon.

I am trying not to get extremely excited for Inception. I love how friends are casually saying they want to see the new movie with Leonardo Dicaprio in and I reply with, me too, then proceed to list off his back-catelogue! Scott Pilgrim also looks breath-taking, and I have high hopes that Edgar Wright can pull it off. Also looking forward to Toy Story 3, enough said.

trovster, 5th Jul 2010

Micmacs was an incredible film. Well thought out and amusing.

I have a feeling Inception could be the classic film of the year.
I haven't stopped thinking about it since I've watched it, which is rare for me.
One of those films where you don't notice your arse getting numb in the cinema seat.

I look forward to Scott Pilgrim. And Toy Story 3.
Many classics to come.

Maggie, 18th Jul 2010