Four Lions

Four Lions review

Chris Morris is a real talent with an impressive record in directing and especially writing for TV. Expectations for his first feature have been understandably high and initial reactions suggested that the expectations were, at the very least, met. I can’t possibly have seen the same Four Lions as everyone else.

The four central characters, and the scattering of support, for that matter, are the highlight; well formed, distinct and mostly interesting. But, beyond the tantalising concept of bumbling Islamic terrorists, there is a basic plot around which a story of little substance is wrapped. The film isn’t controversial and Morris agrees with that but it could and even should have been. That, Morris doesn’t agree with. But, surely, the subject of violent fundamentalism (associated with a particular religion or not) could have been pushed and explored further both for greater comic and thought provoking effect.

I can’t help but feel there is substantial deference for Morris and, accompanied by three other very well respected, very talented writers, Four Lions should, by all accounts, hit the mark. Instead, it’s a forgettable, lightweight, disappointing miss.

2 out of 5

17th May 2010 | Official site | On IMDb